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Specialize Handling of Export Shipments of Relief Material pertaining to United Nations / Red Cross / Renowned NGOs and other Multi Nationals time Bound Cargo including Chartered Flights to African Sectors.. Also expertise in handling shipments pertaining to Garments (GOH), handicrafts , Home Furnishings, Utensils, Blankets , Tents, All textile Items, Rice, Food Stuffs , Decorative Laminates, Paper, Machines ,Toys ,Auto Parts Etc.

Presently handling of Import Shipments viz. Machinery (New and Second Hand also under EPCG Scheme ), Project Import, All kind of Paper ( Prime & Stock Lot ) News Print Paper , PVC , EVA Polymers / Textile Yarn ( Prime & Stock Lot ) Fabric / Chemicals ( Haz.& Non Haz.) / Welded Mirror Tubes/ All types of wood ( permitted), with prompt PQ department formalities, in Logs and Blocks ,Wood Veneers, Particle Board , MDF, Flush Doors , Door Skins, Plywood , Acrylic Blankets , Polyster Durries Textile Rags Etc.

We also expertise in Handling of import shipments of all kinds of Consumer items viz. Juices, Health/Energy Drinks , Food Supplements, Milk Powder, Cookies Etc. with prompt PHO department Formalities.
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If you move it, we insure it. At GFI Logistics, we have the skills base and experience to tailor-make a marine insurance policy for you on any cargo you export or import to South Africa. Our policies cover sea and air freight or goods transported by road, rail or post.

The team is able to offer advice on the packaging and protection of goods, security requirements, the necessary risk control measures to take and advise you on the correct procedures to follow when clearing goods through customs.

Cover is available for a single voyage, an open policy, monthly declarations or an annual policy.

Sea freight is the largest area of operation and expertise. Besides being one of largest insurers of cargo moving through South African ports, the Company also handles hull and machinery insurance on all vessels used for commercial purposes.

Demand for air freight insurance has grown consistently over the years, a team of professionals with experience in the unique aspects of moving goods by road and rail has been put together and comprehensive insurance is available on all pleasure craft, including "racing risks" for sailing vessels participating in local or international races. This insurance covers yachts, motor boats and private fishing boats.