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Specialize Handling of Export Shipments of Relief Material pertaining to United Nations / Red Cross / Renowned NGOs and other Multi Nationals time Bound Cargo including Chartered Flights to African Sectors.. Also expertise in handling shipments pertaining to Garments (GOH), handicrafts , Home Furnishings, Utensils, Blankets , Tents, All textile Items, Rice, Food Stuffs , Decorative Laminates, Paper, Machines ,Toys ,Auto Parts Etc.

Presently handling of Import Shipments viz. Machinery (New and Second Hand also under EPCG Scheme ), Project Import, All kind of Paper ( Prime & Stock Lot ) News Print Paper , PVC , EVA Polymers / Textile Yarn ( Prime & Stock Lot ) Fabric / Chemicals ( Haz.& Non Haz.) / Welded Mirror Tubes/ All types of wood ( permitted), with prompt PQ department formalities, in Logs and Blocks ,Wood Veneers, Particle Board , MDF, Flush Doors , Door Skins, Plywood , Acrylic Blankets , Polyster Durries Textile Rags Etc.

We also expertise in Handling of import shipments of all kinds of Consumer items viz. Juices, Health/Energy Drinks , Food Supplements, Milk Powder, Cookies Etc. with prompt PHO department Formalities.
New York
Hong Kong
Logistics is the art and science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services and people, from the source of production to the marketplace. Logistics can be defined as having the right quantity at the right time for the right price.

At GFI Logistics we offer our customers a broad range of freight management and customized logistics solutions. Our services are backed by an extensive global network, a team of local experts, and dedicated customer service. We strive to meet our customers' individual logistics needs at both the local and global levels.

Beginning with the planning process and extending throughout your supply chain, GFI Logistics creates and executes solutions that lower costs, raise service levels and enhance your ability to compete. By linking multiple supply chain elements, GFI Logistics creates custom solutions tailored to the customer's specific demands and enhanced value for our customers. We provide quality logistics services for our customers by integrating our experience, flexibilities, and knowledge

We commit ourselves to customer satisfaction in every aspect of the service we provide. This has been our clear focus since our inception.. At GFI Logistics, we are extremely proud of the longevity with our customers, as many of them have been with us over so many years.

As your supply chain partner we view ourselves as a valued extension of your organization. You can always count on GFI Logistics to provide innovative, competitive, and cost-effective ways to meet your operational requirements.